Venice Biennale 52. Exhibition of International Art

10.06.07 - 21.11.07

Another Misspent Portrait
of Etienne de Silhouette,
1999 - 2007+

Christian Capurro et al.

Pensa con i sensi - Senti con la mente. L'arte al presente /
Think with the Senses - Feel with the Mind. Art in the Present Tense.

The event: At the invitation of the 2007 Venice Biennale's artistic director Robert Storr, the Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette project has had its most substantial staging yet, in the exhibition Think with the Senses-Feel with the Mind. Art in the Present Tense.

The project: A 246 page Vogue Hommes, September 1986, #92 (with Sylvester Stallone cover) erased by hand by 250 or so people in the years 1999-2004. The remnant-magazine of a five-year mass collaborative erasure project was shown at various sites around Melbourne in 2004/5. At each site a talk, discussion, or presentation by an invited contributor/s took place around ideas generated from within the work itself or that related to the wider social and artistic context of its production. The presentation of Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette in Venice includes a new installation, plus six off-site 'response' events and presentations (see details below).


Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette
Corderie installation view june 2007

The installation: As pictured above, the installation of the work in the Corderie exhibition space includes: the erased magazine standing open in a vitrina; the framed works on the walls including (clockwise) a brief wall text, the 2004/5 project poster, the Coda photograph, and a 2007 Biennale off-site program poster; and, a Project Archive table that holds under glass a photo-history of the different stages of the project, a 2004/5 project poster signed by nearly all the 250 eraser-collaborators, plus various printed ephemera, while on top of the table are published transcripts from the 2004/5 site talks and discussions in Melbourne for people to browse or read.

Corderie, Arsenale Installation

more installation pics


'on-site' novembre: venezia

occupazione sonora/sonorous occupancy
17.11.07 16:00h - Corderie, Arsenale: Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette installation Pensa con i sensi-Senti con la mente. L'arte al presente.


Giacinto Scelsi, Kho-lo (flauto e clarinetto)
Andre Jolivet, da 5 Incantations
Pour une communion sereine de l'etre avec le monde
Tristan Murail, Tellur (chitarra)
Iannis Xenakis, Charisma (clarinetto e violoncello)
John Cage, 4'33''
Andrea Baudino, Drere (flauto e clarinetto)
Salvatore Sciarrino, Esplorazione del bianco II

performance pics

flauto - Francesca Cescon
clarinetto - Francesco Socal
chitarra - Lorenzo Tomio
violino - Claudio Rado
violoncello - Martin Teshome

direttore - Filippo Perocco

l'arsenale website


'off-site' novembre: venezia

Pensare, dire, produrre immagini: il punto di vista parziale di un' Islamista / Think, say, produce images: the partial point of view of an Islamist (incontro/talk - italiano)
19.11.07 18:30h - Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzetto Tito
Dorsoduro, 2826 - 30123 Venezia
(entrata libera)

bio, talk transcript and pic

I Was a 1980s Commodity Fetish: thoughts provoked by Christian Capurro's 'Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette'
(incontro/talk - inglese transl. italiano)
20.11.07 18:30h - Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzetto Tito
Dorsoduro, 2826 - 30123 Venezia
(entrata libera)

talk transcript, bio and promo image


Download November program here (PDF, 223k)


june artist talk/incontro-conferenza con l'artista giugno: corderie, arsenale

A Little Too Much Time on My Hands: the (un)making of 'Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette'
11 + 16.06.07 14:00h - Corderie (Arsenale)
english (with italian translation)

link to the artist talk transcript (2004/09)


'off-site' june/giugno: venezia

Actions Towards the Image (talk/incontro)
10.06.07 14:30h (english) + 16:30h (italiano) - Campo San Geremia/Palazzo Labia, Cannaregio

talk transcript, pics and bio

Sleeves in Armholes, It Happened Here in Minutes, He... (performance)
11.06.07 11:00h + 18:00h - Campo Arsenale, Castello
12.06.07 11:00h + 18:00h - Vaporetto 'Giardini'
13.06.07 11:00h - Campiello drio agli Incurabili, Dorsoduro
13.06.07 18:00h - Fondamenta della Salute, Dorsoduro

more, pics and bio

'off-site' june/giugno: treviso

Actively Forgetting - Untimely Meditations on a Misspent Portrait (talk/incontro)
17.06.07 15:30h - Sala del Capitolo dei Domenicani, Chiesa San Nicolo
english (with italian translation)

talk transcript, pics and bio


Download June program here (PDF, 864k)



This presentation was created in part for the 52. International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, and was assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its principal arts funding and advisory body. It was also supported by contributions to the Australia Cultural Fund of the Australia Business Arts Foundation and by The Ergas Collection. Additionally, I want to thank those individuals who very generously contributed to the making of this project in Venice.