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Site #3: Salvation Army


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Saturday 24th April, 3pm
Speaker: Dr. Ross Moore on "The Dust of Words: Christian Capurro's Squandered Vogue," performed by Penny Trotter.

By mixing together Deleuze and Benjamin, Ross will present the idea of the erased book as at once overcoded (doomed to embellish the already groaning burden of surplus capital) and as an immateriality littered, magically, with the debris of the shattered aura. In this way he comes to talk about rubbish (which we might indeed leaf through) in terms of the saint’s body and animal remains.

Dr Ross Moore is an artist and lecturer in Art and Design at Monash University.

His PhD was titled Anal Vision and was an extensive investigation of anality as a desiring regime that might upset ocularcentricism. His most recently presented conference papers dealt with the work of Keith Boadwee who paints with his bottom and anal imagery (particularly sodomized mermen) found in the margins of illuminated medieval texts.

His current visual work deals with post-coloniality and works out from 1950s Australian salt and pepper shaker design. This makes him a perpetual hunter in opportunity shops. His earlier work on this theme, the 1994 installation Dear Primitive: Black Bodies as decor, is in the collection of the Queensland National Gallery.

Penny Trotter is a performance artist and lecturer in Art and Design at Monash University.