Before the Body - Matter


gorg wall muma

Gorgonia, 1999-2006
magazine pages, correction fluid, erasure and pins
collections of MUMA, the artist, and a private collection, Rome

Before the Body - Matter

curator, Geraldine Barlow

Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

30.11.06 -15.12.06 / 01.02.07 - 24.03.07

Hany Armanious | Benjamin Armstrong | Donna Bailey | Lauren Berkowitz | Pat Brassington | Christian Capurro | Dale Frank | Mira Gojak | Brent Harris | John Meade | Vera Moller | Susan Norrie | Ti Parks | Mike Parr | Simon Slee | Judy Watson.

"'Before the Body - Matter' considers the body, form and matter. Moving over the skin and inside the body, a passage is mapped between surface and interior, an interior as contained as it is infinite.

The Monash University Collection holds a rich array of artworks exploring representations of the body. 'Before the Body - Matter' brings works from the 1990s into dialogue with recent artistic practice, to explore the ways in which our material and conceptual consideration of the body has evolved over the past decade.

Is our interest in the uncanny, the grotesque and the informe abiding, or newly resurgent? The exhibition reflects upon these terms, whilst also exploring the corporeality of artistic practice, and the bodily act of looking." (GB)

gorg coupling muma

Gorgonia, 2006 (11:50am / 28-10-06 view)
magazine page, correction fluid, erasure and pins (and light)
310 x 230mm
Private collection, Rome

Monash University Museum of Art
Building 55, Clayton Campus
Monash University
VIC 3800.

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